110V Edge Banding Kit Steel City 60-410

Steel City

Nowadays, edge banding has become commonplace in woodworking. Given the great diversity of edgebanding thicknesses, materials (ABS, PVC, melamine, polyester, veneer, wood) and different forms of the parts, edge banding with an iron time has long since passed.

The cost of entry-level edgebanders is in the 5 digit numbers and these machines are often limited to basic operations on straight parts only. Steel City offers a range of portable hot melt edgebanders (110V and cordless) specifically designed for the small user facing low volume or unusual applications.

This edge banding kit has been designed to provide a complete turnkey solution to the cabinetmaker who works in his workshop as well the craftsman who works on site. It includes all of the following:

110V Portable Hot Melt Edgebander SCM60403

Portable Edge Trimmer SCM60450

End Cut-Off Guillotine SCM62500

Suction Cup Clamping Set SCM62502

Glue Pellet Container (2kg)

All provided in an assortment of 3 plastic carrying cases fitted with a wheel trolley with retractable arm.

Industrial quality results at your fingertips!

Boss's recommendation: Take the time to well tame this set. The quality of the results will be proportional to the time and effort invested. It's simply a question of 'feeling'...

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