18mm Classic Snap-Off Knife Olfa L-1


Almost everyone knows OLFA®, the Japanese manufacturer who invented, in 1956, the trapezoidal blade with scored lines designed to be snapped to reveal a new sharpened section each time. This idea originated from a chocolate bar given to the owners during their childhood which had to be broken in sections to be eaten.

Whatever knife is used, the essential element remains the blade. OLFA® blades are made of high-quality Japanese grade carbon steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.

The OLFA® wide range of products includes heavy-duty cutting tools as well as specialties for the building industry and can be used in applications such as flooring, drywall and roofing repair.

The L-1 model is a classic and remains the most popular and best-selling model for utility use. Equipped with a 18mm (3/4") ratchet lock retractable blade, it features:

  • Comfortable and durable ergonomic high-impact ABS plastic handle
  • Stainless steel blade channel that holds and secures the blade
  • Ratchet wheel blade-locking mechanism that allows unlimited blade adjustment for specific cuts and maximum security
  • Fast travel and easy tool-free blade change
  • Tethering hole to avoid loss
  • Preloaded with standard snap-off blade (LB)

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