21" Scroll Saw Pegas 90750

  • Specifications

    Throat capacity:  535mm(21")
    Cutting capacity: 50mm(2")
    Blade tilt: Right 45°, Left 38°
    Table size: 345mm(13-1/2") x 595mm(23-1/2")
    Length: 810mm(32")
    Width: 380mm(15")
    Height: 430mm(17")
    Variable speed: 400 @ 1550 rpm
    Motor: 1/2HP (1.3amp) 110v
    Net weight: 30 kg(65 lb)

  • Delivery & Returns


The scroll saw is a great tool for beginners because of its simplicity and ease of use. Since it cuts on the down stroke, it’s a safe tool and the replacement blades are very affordable. It cuts fine kerf with excellent control in wood as well as in a wide range of materials like bone, carton, glass, laminate, metal, plastic, rubber, etc.

Hobbyists love scroll saws because they can make bookends, dovetails, fretworks, knickknacks, puzzle patterns and whirligigs. A scroll saw is indispensable for detailed work like inlay and marquetry. 

The Pegas® scroll saw is a high-precision tool that, with minimal maintenance, will provide you with reliable service and great satisfaction for many years to come. Swiss in design, it is manufactured according to rigorous requirements and specifications and offers many valuable advantages: 

  • The head tilts rather than the table to achieve more precision, better control of the piece and maximum comfort
  • Controlled by a rack and pinion system that allows to dial in an angle quickly and accurately, it also has a spring-loaded locating pin and matching holes for common angles (0°, 22-1/2°, 45°)
  • The arm lifts to allow easy and rapid blade changes. This is a real advantage for fretwork
  • The tensioning system at the back of the arm allows the same tension to be applied to the blade whenever it is changed
  • Power switch and speed regulator are easily accessible at the front of the arm
  • The saw comes with the revolutionary Pegas blade chuck heads PEG90300 that allow very quick blade changing without the use of tools. They hold blades securely while reducing vibration
  • Upper and lower blade guard for increased protection
  • The table boasts a thick, scratch-resistant coating that prevents corrosion and make the wood slide easier
  • The dust blower combined with the clear dust shroud located under the table provide an efficient dust extraction through the 2-1/2"dia dust outlet

Boss’s advice: For beginners, match the speed with your ability to control the cutting until you feel more comfortable.

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