500ml Tool and Bit Cleaner Trend CLEAN500


Use and maintenance: 

  • The use of lapping fluid prevents the build-up of residue which occurs when sharpening. 
  • It is a petroleum base lubricant available in two sizes: TREDWSLF100 100 ml bottle and TREDWSLF250 250ml bottle.

NB: Water based products must never be used on diamond products to prevent rusting and clogging.

  • After use, spray diamond stone with TRECLEAN500 tool&bit cleaner. Allows grime to loosen and wipe dry with soft cloth
  • When dry, rub the remaining grime with TREDWSCBA cleaning block. Similar to a pencil eraser, it will help to perfectly restore the surface of the stone and lengthen its life span. 
  • Then spread evenly a small amount of lapping fluid to both sides of the stone and store in a pouch. 

Trend offers a 5 year warranty on all its diamond products if used in conjunction with Trend cleaning block and lapping fluid. “Soft and slow” that’s the key of success! 

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