6" Bench Grinder–2 Speeds Steel City 70-100S1

Steel City
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Often seen as a necessary evil, sharpening is a chore that most cabinetmakers would like to get rid of. The art of sharpening is something that is difficult to develop. It requires skill, patience and the results are not always up to expectations. That's why you can find on the market so many sharpening devices essentially intended to facilitate the job. If you don't have a grinder, sooner or later, you will need it because simple touch-ups on a stone won’t be enough. To remove a large nick on a cutting edge or to correct a bevel angle, a bench grinder is the perfect tool.

Most bench grinders run at 3600 rpm, because they are intended for general grinding tasks. At this speed, the work is done quickly, but it generates too much heat when we want to sharpen hardened steel (HSS) tools.

For grinding and sharpening cutting tools, a slow speed is highly recommended in order to avoid overheating the steel edge. If you burn the steel, indeed, it will destroy part of its hardness which will result in the death of your tool.

Steel City offers this new generation 6 "dia. 2-speed bench grinder. It is the most versatile grinder on the market because it allows to perform at once all kinds of general grinding as well as delicate sharpening of your tools in a snap, without having to change or even adapt your bench grinder.

  • Fixed on cast iron frame, the 110V motor has dual power and dual frequency: 1/5HP for 3600 RPM rotation and 1/4HP for 1800 RPM rotation
  • One 3600/1800 RPM frequency switch
  • One On/Off main power switch
  • 2 large aluminum adjustable tool rests
  • 2 adjustable spark arrestors
  • 2 transparent eye shields
  • 2 dust ports located on the rear
  • One 6"(150mm) dia x 3/4"(20mm) wide x 1/2"(13mm) bore grey grinding wheel with coarse grit (36G) for general use
  • One 6"(150m) dia x 1"(25mm) wide x 1/2"(13mm) bore white grinding wheel with medium grit (80G) for sharpening
  • 4 no-vibration rubber pads
  • 72"(182cm) long electric power cord
  • Overall dimensions: 16"(40cm) wide x 9"(23cm) deep x 11"(28cm) height
  • It weighs only 33lbs (15kg)

Two speeds = Double satisfaction!

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