8" Stacking Dado Set Dimar WP824DCL


Most of the time a dado is a groove cut across the grain into the surface of a piece of wood. It can be made either with a router, a radial arm saw or on a table saw. Well done, it will provide a simple and strong joint but it needs to have a precise width, square shoulders and a clean flat bottom. A router might do the job for only a few dados, but it will often require more than one pass. One can also use a single blade, a reference board and several runs. However, if it is a recurring job or if the quantity is important, it is better trying to do it right in one pass only. A stacking dado set is a good solution. Its trial-and-error process that requires mixing chippers and shims to get the perfect width might be time consuming, but it pays off with a flat bottomed and clean splinter groove.

Dimar offers this improved 8" dia x 5/8" bore dado set featuring:

  • Two 1/8" thick saw blades (right+left hand) with 24 teeth and five chippers (one 1/16" + 3/32" + 1/4" plus two 1/8").
  • Unlike most of the existing dado sets that offer 13/16" maximum width capacity, this one can be set from 1/8" to 1" width at 1/16" increments.
  • A fourteen piece shim set is included for micro increments widths.
  • The positive angle tooth design coupled with anti-kickback body result in easy feeding and more safety.
  • All teeth are made of C4 thick carbide for longer life.
  • Its non-adhesive black coating allows for less friction and easy cleaning.
  • Comes in an attractive aluminum case.

Built like an expensive set but available at a very competitive price! 

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