Automatic Edgebander Altendorf F5

  • Specifications


    Edgebanding capacity:
    Melamine / PVC / ABS/c veneer     3 mm
    Max. height  50 mm
    Panel :
    Thickness min / max   10 - 50 mm
    Length min / max      200 mm / illimité
    Width min / max      80 mm
    Machine :
    Working height   910 mm
    Feed rate   7 m/min
    Start-up time   3.5 min (approx.)
    Total electrical output 7.8 kW
    Electrical connection 21.7 amps@ 400V-3ph
    Extraction outlet         1 X 140 mm
    Air consumption   5CFM @ 90psi
    Dimensions   4300 x 1300 x1400 mm
    Machine weight (net)   900 kg
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German design and assembly, with components of the highest quality for maximum performance in edge banding.

Maximum performance for edge banding in the workshop.

If it’s maximum performance you want, the Altendorf F 5 is the solution for edge banding in demanding workshop operations. The F 5 guarantees edge finishing in all stages and directions, as it is fitted with all the components you need for your requirements: Pre-milling aggregate, trim saw, top/bottom trimming, radius profile scraper, corner rounding unit, surface scraper, buffer unit. For even more flexibility on the way to the perfect finish the F 5 can also be optionally fitted with a practical multi-radius profile scraper. See for yourself how the Altendorf F 5 finishes, from material cuts through to reworking perfect edges!


  • PLC-Controller with 10“ Touchscreen
  • Visual display for workpiece sequence
  • Pre-milling up to 2mm
  • Top-side-fast-heating glue pot (Quick change heating pot / maintenance free) with hot- melt glue changing device
  • Automatic central lubrication for trim saw and corner rounding unit
  • Trim saw
  • Top/Bottom timming
  • Corner rounding unit
  • Radius profile scraper
  • Surface scraper with dual tracing
  • Buffer unit
  • Tools included
  • Cutting collection box (trim saw)
  • Conveyor chain with permanently attached special links
  • Double roller overhead pressure system (ball bearing mounted)
  • Workpiece support (folds out to front)
  • Operation windows from machine rearside


10’’ Touch-screen Control Panel

  • 10“ LED-Touchscreen
  • Clear screen with integrated 3D-Function
  • Rotating and tilting operator control
  • Individual user management for up to 50 users
  • USB-Interface
  • Meter and operation hour counter
  • Eco-mode: energy saving standby mode after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Barcode recognition (option)
  • Remote maintenance (option)

Workpiece transport and support

  • Drag chain – robust industrial chain with non-marking rubber pads.
  • Pressure beam with 2 alternate rows of rollers (mounted on bearings)
  • Pressure beam positioning with a SIKO digital readout.

Feeding Station

  • A tray for material in rolls or strips. UP TO 800 mm diameter.
  • Manual feed of strips (one by one)
  • Pneumatic cut-off knife (fit for PVC/ABS edges of up to 3 mm thickness

Whispercut Pre-milling Station with changeable diamond inserts

  • No re-sharpening of the milling-heads is needed, only replacement of diamond tips
  • No need to readjust the machine
  • Only one set of trimmer heads is needed
  • Because of its aluminium lightweight construction, it is more gentle for the motors
  • Adjustable height for optimum cutting utilization
  • Standard Dimensions: ø 70 x 43 mm
  • Option included: ø 70 x 50 mm
  • Motor power: 2 x 1,1Kw
  • Number of revolution 12.000 rpm
  • Max. pre-milling depth 2 mm – up to 40 mm Workpiece height
  • Max. pre-milling depth 1 mm – over 40 mm Workpiece height

Gluing unit

  • Hot melt EVA or PUR glue application directly to the workpiece.  
  • Top mounted fast-heating glue pot (3.5 minutes)
  • (0 deg. – 220 deg. C), providing quick heating with less power consumption (2,2 kW).
  • Maintenance free with full TEFLON® coating of the whole assembly. Glue tank capacity 0.8 L.
  • Simple and efficient draining system for the residual glue in the glue pot; old glue is recuperated in a recipient.
  • Automatic temperature control by electronic thermostat preventing the scorching of the glue when machine is idle.
  • OPTIONAL: additional interchangeable, quick heating glue pot, for both EVA and with PUR adhesives.

Pressure zone  

  • Due to their spring-bearings these 3 pressure rollers exert optimal pressure on the glued edge.
  • Thanks to their coating, they are also easy to clean from adhesive residues or dirt.
  • 3 rollers exerting pressure on the edge band mechanically in order to achieve its adhesion onto the panel edge. 

End Trimming station

  • Single HF motor (0,28 kW ), performing the front and the rear trim cut. 12000 RPM
  • The sturdy design of the single-motor saw with linear guides enables the precision sawing of the front and rear workpieces.
  • Due to the automatic oiling of the shafts, only minimal maintenance is required.
  • Saw blade 20 tooth, 100mm x 2H x 22mm

Top and Bottom trimming station

  • Separate top and bottom units for trimming of the excess of material along the upper and the lower edges of the panels.
  • Tracers with SIKO digital readouts for easy and precise adjustment.
  • Roller type tracers on top and bottom units
  • 2 independent units, powered by HF motors .28 kW / 12000 RPM,
  • COMBI cutterheads for straight and 2mm radius; pneumatic positioning for 2 pre-set positions.
  • Option included: Three point adjustment (Radius, straight and chamfer) controlled by the PLC on the touchscreen.
  • Optional: Nesting kit

Corner Rounding Station

  • Thanks to the intelligent programming, the possibility of processing individual sides or processing methods (copying of radius or straight up and down for thin edge) is possible.
  • A dynamic single carriage/single HF.37kW / 12000 RPM motor with horizontal and vertical tracer devices, performing the front and the rear panel end routing.
  • Combi head for radius and chamfer with pneumatic positioning, selectable from the control panel.
  • Tooling: milling cutter with TC changeable blades.
  • Minimum length of panel when using this unit is 200mm.
  • Option: The Quick-Device System allows to replace motors within one minute. An advantage when it comes to processing different radiuses.

Radius Profile Scraper

  • Designed to give the finishing touch of the radius of the PVC/ABS edging after the T&B trimming.
  • Reversible knives for scraping the top and bottom
  • Main configuration R = 2 mm
  • Independent control of the upper and lower radius scraper blade.
  • Horizontal and vertical tracer discs
  • Option included :  multi radius scraper (R1/R2)

Flat  Glue Scraper 

  • Designed to remove possible rests of glue on the top & bottom surfaces of the panel.
  • Dual tracing flat scraper with integrated compensation for an optimal result
  • Positioning of the station in ON/OFF position from the control panel.
  • Independent control of the upper and lower flat scraper.
  • Thanks to the adjustable Sikos, you can use the integrated knives
  • Two blade holders with independently adjustable scraping knives
  • Blow nozzles for cleaning.

Buffing Unit

  • Designed to remove possible residues of glue, restore the PVC/ABS edge colour and polish it after the trimming and scraping operations.
  • 2 x 0,18 KW motors, with the possibility of adjustment in all directions
  • Polishing discs made of fabric for smoothing the edges after the radius processing
  • Motor speed 1440 rpm

Spray System

  • ·F5/24/1 spraying unit for release agent. Application of a fine coat of release agent to the top and bottom surface of the workpiece before pre-milling preventing glue residue from sticking to the workpiece. Consumption is less than one litre for about 5000 running metres per nozzle.
  • ·F5/24/2 spraying unit for cleaning agent. Application of a fine coat of cleaning agent to the top and bottom surface of the workpiece before the flat scraper  removing glue residue and cooling down the edge banding and glue joint before buffing.


  • LED Cabin Lighting.
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Extendable support for large workpieces
  • Dust extraction hoods on all machining units.
  • Air blow nozzles for tracers cleaning.
  • Machine cabin housing covering all working units, including a large window at the back
  • Electrical part conforming to all relative CE regulations.
  • CE certified pneumatic & electronic by leading brands
  • CSA  Certification

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