Coping Sled Trend PUSHBLOCK4


Making cope-and-stick joinery for doors and windows is a common task for a cabinet maker. While it is quite easy to shape stiles, shaping rails requires more attention. A safe and easy way to shape rail ends is to use a sliding carriage with a spelching block.

The Boss offers this coping sled push block from Trend which is an affordable way to make good tenons.

  • Large high density plastic base of 6-½"(165mm) wide x 15-¾"(400mm) long x 5/16"(8mm) thick that ensures flatness
  • A comfortable push handle and a convenient knob are repositionable and allow perfect control with both hands
  • Traps the work between an adjustable front stop and a fixed clamp fence
  • The adjustable front stop has a large round knob and a grip abrasive; maximum stock width up to 4"(100mm)
  • The fixed clamp fence is equipped with a toggle clamp to secure the stock. Stock thickness capacities go from 19/32"(15mm) to 1-3/16"(30mm).
  • The use of a spelching block will prevent tenon breakouts

The right carriage for your router table!

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