Deluxe Self-Centering Vise Centurion 57-109


Those who make pens, bottle stoppers or other ornaments will tell you, one of the main difficulties of this hobby lies in the ability to center the blanks, round or square, perpendicular to the drill bit and to keep them firmly in place throughout the drilling process.

Thanks to its unique design, the Centurion self-centering vise provides firm and precise positioning for a perfect drilling i.e. centered, straight and repeatable.

Just center the vise under the drill bit of a drill press, lock the press quill down, clamp the vise lightly on the bit and fix it to the table.

  • Made of anodized aluminium, the jaws are notched in the centre to form a 6mm(1/4") square which eliminates drilling off center holes. The usable surface is 45mm(1-3/4") wide x 55mm(2-1/4") high
  • The jaws move parallel on four 8mm(5/16") dia round steel rods and are driven by two 10mm(3/8") dia endless threaded bolts controlled by a triangular adjustment knob
  • The aggregate is attached on two aluminum supports whose base is pre-bored and threaded to facilitate mounting to a table. 4 hexagonal-headed bolts with washers and one T-key are provided for this purpose
  • Maximum tightening capacities are 70mm(2-3/4") long x 45mm(1-3/4") wide (inside the rods)
  • Steel caps protect each end
  • The whole kit forms a solid and sturdy 175mm(7") long x 90mm(3-1/2") wide x 75mm(3") high vise that weighs 1kg(2.2lb)

A valuable addition to your shop!

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