Dovetail Machine Omec 750-CN

  • Specifications

    Technical data:

    Motor Power 2.5 KW
    Number of Spindles 1
    Spindle Speed 18,000 RPM
    Joint standard center to center   variable or fixed
    Drawers production 60 /hour

    Maximum & Minumum workpiece dimensions:

    Dimension Length Width




    Front Piece


    Side Piece

    Minimum 200 mm 60 mm 6 mm 8 mm 8 mm
    Maximum 1500 mm 530 mm 25 mm 30 mm 20 mm
  • Delivery & Returns


OMEC Srl is a Small family manufacturing business situated among the Tuscan Hills, founded by owner Giuseppe Tinti in 1964.

The company soon specialized in the design and production of milling machines for producing joints on drawers, boxes and furniture, becoming a world leader in the production of “dovetail Joint” and wooden boxes machines.

Normand has been distributing and servicing OMEC products for more than 20 years.


  • Designed to indent dovetails and parallel indents for drawers and various furniture elements.
  • Equipped with a spindle and a mill cutter that allow the production of indents of different heights.
  • The machine can cut single male or female work pieces or both simultaneously.
  • Pieces can be clamped and released in manual mode by means of pneumatic cylinders and valves.
  • The NC control system is programmed to guarantee the most machining flexibility and to change the machining limits within the following variables: pitch of indents; number of indents; depth of indents; dimensions of the pieces; cutting speed and tool feeding; compensation of the tool radius variation
  • All the adjustments can be easily carried out following the software instructions of the machine displayed on the monitor.

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