Dust Collector 3HP-600V 0.3 Micron Steel City 80-310T4H

Steel City

Nowadays, for the majority of cabinetmakers, the main battle is eliminating dust. Working soft, hard or exotic woods, or working particles board or MDF panels, chips and dust are finer, more plentiful and more aggravating.

How serious are the problems created by wood dust? It will depend on how long you are machining wood in an enclosed area. Because it is proven, prolonged exposure is potentially dangerous and can cause very significant respiratory problems.

While table saws and planers are machines that require a lot from a dust collector, sanders produce a lighter dust that requires excellent filtration.

A safe and affordable solution would be to get a single stage dust collector that would be powerful enough. That’s what Steel City offers, a full range of industrial dust collectors that can adapt to the needs and budget of everyone.

  • All units are on trolley with swivel castors to allow easy and quick travel where it's needed. Remember that the closer a dust collector is to the machines, the better the performance
  • All units are supplied with 20"(500mm) dia plastic collection bag and a quick-release metal strap that allows to better visualize the fill level and facilitates garbage disposal
  • All units are supplied with totally enclosed induction motor for continuous industrial use with magnetic starter equipped with an emergency stop button
  • All units are fitted with fully metal frame and duct connected to a collecting port equipped with aluminum alloy impeller to reduce the risk of sparks. The port inlet is protected by a wire screen to prevent access of large pieces that could damage the rotor
  • Available in 3 filtering versions: B / C / H

B / Felted fabrics woven bag tight enough to capture dust above 2 microns. Metal support and clamp included. 

C / Pleated and non-woven polyester made cartridge that can capture dust above 1 micron. Metal clamp included.

It offers a filtering area 5 times larger than a standard filter bag which reduces the frequency of cleaning.

It is provided with an external arm which rotates 120° and operates an internal flexible flapper that rattles the filter’s pleats to dislodge dust which then falls down into the collecting bag. 

H / High-efficiency HEPA cartridge that can capture dust above 0.3 micron. Metal clamp included.

Such a cartridge can hold up to 99.9% of fine particles of dust.

It is provided with an external arm which rotates 120° and operates an internal flexible flapper that rattles the filter’s pleats to dislodge dust which then falls down into the collecting bag.

In addition, the 80-310T4H model is characterised by:

  • Double collecting bags
  • 3HP – 600V/3Ph powerful motor
  • Air flow capacity: 2280CFM
  • H- 0.3 micron HEPA cartridge with clamp (kit of 2)
  • Dust inlet: 7"(180mm)) dia with 3 x 4"(100mm) dia connector and 2 caps
  • Overall size: 60"(150cm) long x 32"(80cm) wide x 71"(180cm) high
  • Weight: 220lbs (100kg)

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3 hp
Phase number
Airflow Capacity
2280 CFM
Blower Wheel Diameter
12" (305 mm)
Sound Rating
90 to 95 dB
Bad Diameter
20'' (508 mm)
Overall Dimensions
60" x 33" x 74-3/4" (1524 x 838 x 1900 mm)
Inlet Diameter
7" (178 mm) or 3 x 4" (101 mm)
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