Engineer’s Precision Square kit Groz SSA246ST

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Squares are made for marking and checking squareness. In a shop, they will help ensure that machines are precisely set up. They can be used on a table saw to check if the saw blade and the miter slot are parallel to each other or to set the miter gauge to ensure a 90° crosscut.


They will often be used on a table saw, a radial saw, a scroll saw or a band saw to set the blade at a right angle to the table and even on a jointer to set the fence at 90°. They are also ideal for marking out wooden joints or checking cut stock.


Committed to excellence, GROZ manufactures two types of squares: the machinist’s squares, for general purpose, with an accuracy of 0.0019"(48 microns) for the 2" & 4" and 0.0028"(72 microns) for the 6". Although this type is a little bit cheaper, the Boss rather prefers the second type aimed for engineers.


These engineer’s precision squares are more useful for setting up and checking jobs where extreme accuracy is required because of their guaranteed internal and external accuracy of 0.00063 inch (16 microns) for the 2", 4" and 6" squares.


  • The hardened spring steel blade is permanently fixed to the base by means of tapered self-locking rivets for perfect rigidity
  • The base is wide and provides stability and a solid feel
  • Both blade and base are accurately lapped and precisely ground to ensure straightness and parallelism
  • A groove on the inner corner of the stock aids in the clearance of burr or dirt, ensuring no interference when measuring
  • Available in a convenient and easy to store pack, this selection includes 3 popular sizes: 2"(50mm), 4"(100mm) and 6"(150mm) blade length with 2"(50mm), 3"(75mm) and 4"(100mm) base length


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