HEPA dust extractor Dewalt DWV010

$489.95 $543.99

For those who are tired of their old dust vacuum which often seems to exhaust more dust than collecting it and for those who hate having to start and stop both their tool and vacuum in a row each time they do a project, Dewalt offers a dust extractor that goes well beyond expectations. Designed for commercial use, this heavy duty vacuum is intended for fine particle pick up like drywall, concrete and wood dust.

  • Powerful 15 Amp motor that runs at 76 dBA and can develop up to 130 CFM for maximum suction.
  • Power tool actuation controls the On/Off operations of the extractor. When a power tool is plugged in and turned on, dust extractor starts automatically within 0.5 sec and continues to run 15 sec after power tool has been turned off to clear the hose.
  • 2 HEPA long life filters that can catch 99.97% of all dust particles equal or greater than 0.3 micron; no dust will get in the air.
  • Automatic self-cleaning system that pulses every 30 seconds from one to the other filter; this minimizes filter clogging thus reducing the need to stop the unit to clean filters.
  • 15' (3,8 m) long x 1-." (31,75 mm) dia. anti-static that prevents static shocks caused by vacuum dry debris; the hose that can be stored around the vacuum and secured with a convenient elastic strap provided on the back.
  • Portable, this 8 gallons (30 liters) vacuum measures 20" (51 cm) long x 19" (48 cm) wide x 20" (51 cm) height.
  • Four heavy-duty casters (2 fixed + 2 swivels).
  • 8' long power cord with cord wrap.
  • Lightweight, it weighs only 21 lbs (9,5 kg).

A healthy solution for remodelers !

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