Portable Multi-Stand Steel City 80300

Steel City

Curves add elegance to any furniture design and they have always been an important piece of the woodworking furniture industry. In order to eliminate saw marks, manufacturers used to sand curves and contours on conventional homemade spindle sanders that used to clog the sandpaper, burn wood and leave scratches.

It is only since the middle of the last century that floor oscillating spindle sanders started to be popular in the industry. Thanks to its spindle that both rotates and oscillates up and down along its axis, operators could remove greater stock with less burning and longer abrasive life. Heavy and expensive, these sanders were mechanically complex and not affordable to the small user.

Sanding the inside of a circular cut out won’t be a chore anymore thanks to Triton that has come up with an economic bench top oscillating drum sander intended to the handyman and the artisan.

  • Powerful 450w motor that delivers 2000rpm and oscillates at 58opm with a 5/8"(16mm) stroke
  • One ½"(13mm) dia sanding spindle and five rubber sanding drums (¾", 1", 1-½", 2" and 3"/19, 26, 38, 51 and 76mm) are included with one set of six table inserts and six 4-½"(115mm) long matching abrasives sleeves (G-80)
  • Equipped with a large 11-½"x 14-½"(295 x 370mm) cast iron table and one 1-½"(38mm) dia dust port adaptor
  • Modern design that offers an easy and convenient on-board storage that keeps all of the accessories nearly to hand 
  • Portable, it is stable and fits very well on a workbench thanks to its dimensions of 15-3/8"x 13"x 17-3/4"(390 x 330 x 450mm) and its weight of 29lbs (13kg)

Boss’s comment: if you already use a jigsaw or a bandsaw, no doubt, this sander is for you!

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