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A Rich Heritage of Leading Technology & Lasting Performance

Mereen-Johnson is positioned to address the challenges that woodworking manufacturing operations will face in the future just as they did back in 1905. Although the design and manufacturing methods have changed since then, one thing has not changed, their goal to produce only the finest quality products, and back them with the premium customer service that has made Mereen-Johnson Machine Company a world class leader.

Mereen-Johnson provides innovative solutions with a complete line of stationary and moving blade multiple rip saws, Rip Optimizing and material handling systems, single and double end tenoners, CNC dovetailers, panel sizing systems, I-joist and other structural wood production lines, Ceiling tile production equipment, Door Sizing Lines, High Pressure Laminate Trim Lines, and the engineering capability to design and build complete rough mill systems integrated with vision optimizing systems.

Profitability requires more than just improving yield from your raw materials.

Mereen-Johnson’s material handling and Rip Navigator Optimizing Systems are designed to provide increased production, better feeding accuracy, detailed production reporting, improved lumber yield, higher profits, and greater operator safety. 

Rip Navigator Scout

Provides higher productivity with infeed chains, board dealers, and optional board flipper or Rip Navigator Tracker provides a more affordable solution in a compact package.

Over 70 years of Experience

Normand relies on a team of dynamic and experienced people ready to share their knowledge and experience with customers.

One Stop Shop

Normand offers a one stop counter concept where the customer can find the answer to all his needs for woodworking, from the large specialized corporation to the small cabinetmaker.

Great Expertise

Normand continually invests in the training and development of its staff. The acquisition of modern management and information tools as well as their status update on an ongoing basis is part of our commitment to excellence.