Screwdriver bit set Megapro 40200


On a construction site, when using an impact or a drill driver, one often has to deal with different types of screws and we do not always have the right bit to do a good job.

This elegant and practical bit holder card facilitates bit identification and gives quick access at any time.

  • Beautiful bright red resistant plastic clip pack
  • Fitted with a carabiner with locking nut, it can be attached either to the belt or the toolbox.
  • 45 mm / 1-." long black oxide finish bits to protect against corrosion
  • Bits are color coded for easy identification

Contains 10 industrial S2 quality bits among the most used on a construction site:

  • 2 - Square – Robertson # 1 (green)
  • 3 - Square – Robertson # 2 (red)
  • 1 - Square – Robertson # 3 (black)
  • 1 - Cross – Philips # 1 (green)
  • 1 - Cross – Philips # 2 (red)
  • 1 - Cross – Philips # 3 (black)
  • 1 - Cross – Philips # 2 (black) for gypsum screws

A very useful little help !

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