Scroll Band Saw Pegas® 90-700


This Pegas® precision band saw is a world first using Pegas® bandsaw blades, the finest and most accurate ever produced to date. It's a unique concept dedicated to wood scroll work and intended for both amateur and professional users.

  • Built of cast iron ensuring robustness and stability
  • Powerful 3/4HP - 110V motor with integrated paddle On-Off switch with removable key at the front
  • 14"(355mm) dia. balanced aluminum wheels reduce vibration
  • 2 cutting speeds: 2295/3445 lin. ft. /min (700/1050 lin. m. /min)
  • The 16" x 16"(405 x 405mm) machined and polished cast-iron table is 41"(1045mm) high and tilts up to 40°
  • A 2-½"(65mm) dia. dust inlet is located directly under the work table for maximum efficiency
  • Equipped with the famous Pegas® high precision guide system that allows to cut out the most complex shapes, curves and radius. It is made of 2 guides (top and bottom) fitted with a special ball bearing roller with two grooves to guide the blade. Each roller corresponds to the size of blade used. #9 and #11/12 rollers are included with the machine
  • The blades measure 93-½"(2375mm) long and are available in various sizes ranging from 1 to 3mm. #9 and #12 blades are included with the machine
  • Maximum cutting width: 13"(330 mm)
  • Maximum cutting height: 6"(150 mm)
  • Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)

Pegas®, the new way of scrolling!

Boss’ appreciation: The Boss has especially appreciated the speed of cutting and the exceptional level of finish obtained. Unlike a traditional scroll saw whose alternative movement from top to bottom can leave marks, the continuous movement in the same direction of the bandsaw blade accelerates the cut while producing a sanding effect. This is particularly noticeable on thicker parts (up to 6"/150mm).

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