Small Shop Air Network Kit Topring 05900


Whether for a workshop, a garage or even a basement, having compressed air at fingertips is definitely an advantage. This advantage can quickly become a reality thanks to this kit that allows to create a personalized network according to your needs.

Formerly reserved for commercial and industrial customers,Topring has developed a simple and effective alternative to make it more accessible to small users.

Its ease of installation and the quality of its quick-connect components make it a smart and economical choice that will certainly make your workshop look great.

*This fully adaptable, modifiable and reusable kit includes:

1 x Polyurethane tubing 1/2"dia x 100ft long

1 x Tube cutter

2 x Aluminium manifold 1/2"(F) NPT x 3/8"(F) NPT with drain

1 x Ergonomic blow gun with 10cm extension

1 x Small 3-way hand valve 1/2"dia

2 x Quick coupler (1/4"IND) 3/8"(M) NPT

1 x Straight connector 1/2"dia x 3/8"(M) NPT

2 x Straight connector 1/2"dia x 1/2"(M) NPT

2 x Straight union 1/2"dia

6 x Elbow union 1/2"dia

1 x "T" Union 1/2"dia

25 x Mounting clip for 1/2"dia tube

2 x Plug (1/4"IND) 1/4"(M) NPT

*Maximum working pressure: 148 PSI

*Recommended for a compressor of 5HP or less with an air tank

Do it yourself and you'll be more proud of it!

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