Vertical Featherboard set (2) FencePro Bow FP4


A featherboard is a safety device used when working with stationary machines such as router table, table saw or bandsaw. It will hold the workpiece against the fence or the table and prevent dangerous kickbacks. It will not only improve the quality of cuts but it might save your fingers as well

FencePro is designed for router table and saw fences to apply a steady vertical pressure keeping the workpiece against the table providing a smooth infeed. It offers exceptional protection against kickbacks and up to 5x more pressure than a standard plastic featherboard.

  • The set include 2 individual and reversible featherboards that can be quickly stacked using the 2-1/4” (57mm) T-bolt provided. It can also fit T-track size from 1/4"(6mm) to 3/4" (19mm)
  • Each featherboard features a 4"(102 mm) long x 5/16"(8 mm) wide x 3/4"(19 mm) thick guide groove and include a 1-1/2"(38 mm) T-bolt and a large knurled knob for ergonomic positioning
  • Its anti-kickback living hinge design dramatically reduces your risk of harm while maintaining amazing flexibility and feel.
  • Made of long lasting and wear resistant foam, this featherboard won’t shatter or explode in your face If you accidentally hit your blade or router bit.

FencePro redefines safety!

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