Wood Filler Timbermate

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Wood Filler Mahogany 8oz Timbermate TMAAM25
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Wood Filler White 8oz Timbermate TMAWH25
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Wood Filler Cherry 8oz Timbermate TMBB25
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Wood Filler Brazillian Cherry 8oz Timbermate TMABC25
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Wood Filler Chestnut 8oz Timbermate TMAC25
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Wood Filler White Oak 8oz Timbermate TMAWO25
Wood Filler Red Oak 8oz Timbermate TMARO25
Wood filler Tasmanian Oak 8oz Timbermate TMTAO25
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Wood Filler Ebony 8oz Timbermate TMAE25
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Wood Filler Maple-Beech-Pine 8oz Timbermate TMAMB25
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Wood Filler Natural Tint Base 8oz Timbermate TMATB25
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Wood Filler Walnut 8oz Timbermate TMAW25
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Wood Filler Teak-Heart-Pine 8oz Timbermate TMAAC25
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Wood Filler Maple-Beech-Pine 4lb Timbermate TMAMB252
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Wood Filler Red Oak 4lb Timbermate TMARO252
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Wood Filler Natural Tint Base 4lb Timbermate TMATB252
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Australian made, the Timbermate formula has stood the test of time for over 85 years now. The main advantage of this wood filler remains in its water base that provides it a foolproof stability even in freezing and thawing conditions. It will not shrink, sink, crack or fall out. Available in 13 colors, it allows you to create your own color.

  • Easy preparation: if needed, just add water and stir; then you are ready to begin
  • Fast drying: because it is unique genuine water-based formula, it takes no time to dry and one can even speed up the drying process using a heat gun
  • No waste: When you are done with your repair, just scoop up any leftover and put it back into the container. Indefinite shelf life; just add water to reactivate
  • Multiple uses: versatile, it is compatible with all type of lacquers. It may be used for all interior repairs, including repairing edges, grain filling, and spot patching. It can be mixed with wood glues and will also protect wood
  • Takes any known finish coat: non-flammable, non-toxic and non-yellowing, it accepts many finishes including waxes, oils, latex, stains and var- nishes.
  • Reliable and dependable: it does not just look like wood, it acts like wood too. You can drill, nail, plane and even saw through it.
  • Also available in 2 kg (4 lb) pails


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