1.75 hp Contractor Cabinet Saw with 36" Fence SawStop CNS175P36

  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Motor 1,75 hp - 110V - 14A
    Main table dimensions 20" X 27" d
    Blade diameter :  10" 
    Maximum depth of cut, blade at 0o 3 1/8"
    Maximum depth of cut, blade at 45 o 2 1/4"
    Maximum rip, right of blade  36"
    Maximum rip, left of blade  12 "
    Dado diameter  8" (requires a separate dado brake cartridge and table insert)
    Dado maximum width  13/16"
    Arbor diameter at blade  5/8"
    Fence capacity  36"
    Overall saw dimensions 69-1/8" X 33" X 34"
    Dust collection port diameter  4"
    Riving knife / speader thickness  2 mm
    Weight 408 lbs with extension and fence
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SawStop ® Safety System:

The patented SawStop safety system prevents serious injury by stopping the blade within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact with skin. A small electrical signal is applied to the blade which the safety system continually monitors. When skin contacts the blade the signal changes because the human body is conductive. The signal activates the safety system. An aluminium brake springs into the spinning blade stopping it cold: the blade’s angular momentum drives it beneath the table: power to motor is cut off.

Quick release, zero-clearance insert:

The CNS comes standard with a quick release zero-clearance insert. No tools are needed to remove the insert or clamp it back in place. A positive latching mechanism lets you know that the insert is securely in place.

Diagnostic self-check:

Every time the saw is turned on, the saws runs through a diagnostic check to make sure the safety is fully operational and ready to detect contact with skin.

Dust collection:

A unique aerodynamic design draws dust off the blade. Air foils inside the shroud transforms the turbulent air into a directed stream. The patent-pending system collects over 95% of the dust created during a cut, setting a new standard in the industry.

Blade guard/riving knife mounted:

The blade guard and riving knife are held in place with an easy- to- use clamp that requires no tools which means operators can quickly switch between the two. The clamp has several micro adjustments to ensure alignment between the blade and splitter or riving knife.

T-Glide Professional Fence System:

The CNS comes with a T-style fence system that includes 4mm gauge steel rails for accuracy and rigidity, widely spaced glide plates for smooth travel, micro adjustments to fine-tune alignment, and magnified indicator lenses for easy measurement.

True vertical elevation system:

The rack and pinion elevation system operates on a vertical slide rather than arc (like most saws). The vertical elevation system ensures exact blade alignment at all elevation levels and blade angles.. A further advantage to the vertical elevation system is the consistent relationship of handle turns to elevation changes. This is something that customers might not notice at first, but it’s something that they’ll really appreciate as they use the saw over time.

  • SawStop ® Safety System includes :
    • Blade stops and retracts on accidental contact
    • Protection is always on
    • Performs continuous self checks
    • Invisible protection - does not interfere with work
    • Compatible with all standard blades
    • Works on all woods and non-conductive materials
    •  Includes bypass switch for cutting metal
  • Left hand tilt table saw
  • European style riving knife to minimize kickback
  • Low profile blade guard for narrow cuts
  • Quick-change mount for guard and riving knife
  • Large start / stop paddle for hands-free shut off
  • Magnetic main power switch with removable lock-out key
  • Blade shroud for improved dust collection
  • Zero-clearance insert
  • Long-lasting V-ribbed belts

Optional equipement not included:

  • MBCNS000: Contractor Mobile base
  • TSGDC :Blade guard w/Integrated Dust Collection 
  • TSAODC : Overarm Dust Collection (requires TSG-DC)
  • BC10R2 (TYPE II) : 10’’ blade cartridge 
  • DC8R2 (TYPE II):  8’’ DADO blade cartridge 
  • TSIDLD :  Quick release dado insert
  • TSISLD :  Quick release blade insert
  • TSASA48: Sliding Crosscut Table attachment

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1-3/4 hp
Phase number
1 ph
Blade Size
Table dimensions
20" X 27"
Ø 5/8"
Blade Tilt
Left: 0° to 45°
Maximum Rip Capacity
Overall Dimensions
69-1/8" X 33" X 34"
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