18V Brushless Drywall Screw Gun & Cut-Out Tool Kit Bosch GXL18V291

$369.95 $482.99

The Bosch GXL18V-291B25 combo kit is designed to tackle all your drywall projects. It includes a brushless screw gun and a compact brushless cutting tool. The GTB18V-45 screwdriver is lightweight, compact and features an ergonomically rubber-coated grip for a balanced comfortable use. It is equipped with the intelligent XTEND DRIVE technology which activates the motor only when pressure is detected on the bit for enhanced battery life and reduced noise. The GCU18V-30 cut-out tool provides a powerful cutting speed of 30,000 RPM, promoting increased productivity. It comes with a dust-resistant switch for added durability. The kit includes two compact CORE18V - 4Ah batteries for optimal performance and runtime.

  • 18V brushless screw gun and cut-out tool combo kit specially designed for drywall projects
  • Ergonomic compact design with rubber-coated grip for comfortable use and optimal control
  • XTEND DRIVE technology: activates the screwdriver motor only under pressure for extended runtime (+2000 screws with an 18V - 4A battery)
  • 18V brushless screw gun with ergonomic design providing 4500 RPM
  • Brushless cut-out tool with performance comparable to a corded electric tool for a cutting speed of 30,000 RPM

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