20-60mm 25-550 lb horizontal toggle clamp Bessey STCHH70


Toggle clamps have been used in the industry for many years because of their ability to securely fasten stock on jigs and fixtures. The problem is that any time the thickness of your stock changes, you need to grab a couple of wrenches to adjust the clamping head accordingly. Once again Bessey continues to innovate and introduced a revolutionary auto-adjust toggle clamp series that can replace a range of competitive clamps for the following reasons:

  • It automatically adjusts to variations in workpiece dimensions while maintaining constant clamping force.
  • No more time consuming manual adjustment of the spindle height to maintain safe and correct clamping force.
  • Once mounted, it is fast and easy to adjust.
  • Clamping force is set by turning the pressure screw to the desired force (variable 25 to 550 lbs).
  • The swivel spindle has a 7/8" dia. removable non marring plastic cap.
  • The adjustable base plate offers versatile mounting capacities.
  • The large ergonomic soft handle offers greater ease of operation.
  • 20-60mm (13/16"- 2-3/8") height clamping capacity 

Fussy adjustments are now over!

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