2 HP Plunge Router Triton MOF001


Routers are among the most versatile tools in a workshop. Primarily made to be handheld, they are more and more used and kept mounted under a table. The Triton MOF001 has won many prestigious awards around the globe since its release and was top rated in its class by Fine Woodworking Magazine.

  • Thanks to its micro depth adjustment from 0 to 2-5/16"(60mm), its removable plunge spring for easy lifting and the winder handle provided, it is ideal for table operation. Its main advantage is that it does not need to be installed on an expensive separate lift.
  • Equipped with a well-designed easy-to-reach spindle lock and because it lifts the collet above the table, you need only one wrench for changing the bit.
  • Soft start allows close control during hand-held use and it has a safety interlock that prevents the router from starting when the spindle lock is in place.
  • Variable speed (8000 – 21000 RPM) ensures the router will handle a wide variety of bits for exact shaping of material.
  • The base is surrounded by a clear plastic shroud which accepts 1-3/8”(35mm) vacuum hose for good dust control.
  • Powered by a 13Amps (1400W) motor on 110V, it weighs 10.4lbs (4.7kgs) and comes with 1/4"+1/2" collets, 1/2”dia carbide straight bit and multi-function fence providing optimum control for straight and circle cutting.

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