3/4"dia. Threaded Black Pipe Centurion

Starts at $22.99

One never has too many clamps in a workshop, but there comes a time when the budget talks. If this happens, an economical way to solve the problem is to buy pipe clamps because of the versatility they may offer.

With only a couple of clamps and a few different pipe lengths, you will be able to face all kinds of situations. But be careful: not just any kind of pipe will fit your clamps. 

  • Manufactured in Canada, our ¾"dia. black steel pipes meet the tolerances of specification ASTM A53 and adapt well to most of the popular clamp brands offered on the market 
  • They are threaded on both ends. On one end, you can screw the head jaw. On the other end, you can fix a coil spring stop (when provided) in order to avoid the tail jaw sliding off the end of the pipe 
  • With this double thread, you can reverse the head and tail jaws in order to ensure an even wear, then a longer life 
  • Another very good reason is that you can also join them with a mechanical coupling and make longer pipe clamps 
  • Finally, and not the least, orange or red clamps have a nicer look on black pipes... 
  • Made 6" (150mm) longer than their nominal size to accommodate the jaws, they are available in 5 popular sizes:

Model                          Capacity                      Weight

CEN5030                     30" (760mm)               3lb (1,4kg)

CEN5036                     36" (915mm)               4lb (1,8kg)

CEN5048                     48" (1220mm)             5lb (2,3kg)

CEN5060                     60" (1500mm)             6lb (2,8kg)*

CEN5072                     72" (1830mm)             7lb (3,2kg)*

*These dimensions go beyond the standards of shipping by post or courier. Additional charges may apply. 

The Boss has a piping hot deal for you!

Boss’tip: clean any oil off the pipe and apply a coat of wax to keep the glue from sticking.

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