5/8" Hollow Chisel Mortiser Steel City 40-510S1

Steel City

In cabinetmaking, there are several types of assembly and the mortise-tenon type is probably the best known and the most used. Among this type of assembly, the traditional square mortise-tenon is certainly the most popular because it has been proven and does not require any fancy equipment: a rule, a chisel, a mallet and time.

Of course, if you have no time left, a faster solution could be a tenoning jig on your table saw and a small benchtop mortiser. Steel City is offering its 5/8" hollow chisel mortiser for benchtop which will meet your needs and your budget.

  • Motorized 1/2HP for operation on 110V, it is equipped with a Mini-Mag safety dust-resistant auto-lock switch
  • Head, column, table and fence are massive cast-iron made for better vibration absorption
  • Its base, which also serves as a table, measures 15-3/4"(40cm) wide x 17"(43cm) deep which gives the machine maximum stability
  • The column has built-in dovetail slides that allow the head to slide with precision
  • Moving the head is done using a long ambidextrous "L" lever with rubberized handle (left or right position)
  • Robust rack-and-pinion gear drive along with damper cylinder ensure soft and controlled descent
  • 2 stops allow you to adjust the plunge depth from 0 to 5"(130mm) deep
  • The head has a 1/2"(13mm) capacity chuck which turns 1720 RPM
  • Chisels are very easy to secure. 2 bushings to adapt 5/8" and 3/4" chisel shanks are included
  • Machine comes with 4 chisel + bit sets for 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" squares and a tool rack
  • The table is equipped with a sliding fence with a 4"(100mm) built-in scale
  • An easy to adjust sliding hold-down from 0 to 4"(100mm) is attached to the fence in order to prevent the workpiece from lifting off the table as the chisel withdraw from the hole
  • 2 adjustable non marring rubber pressure rollers allow to press and hold the workpiece against the fence
  • Also included: 2 telescopic table extensions which offers 35"(89cm) long bearing capacity and one adjustable stop (12"-30cm) that can be installed to the right or to the left
  • Machine measures 24" high and weighs 110lbs (50kg)

An economic way to drill square holes!


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