5 Spindle Moulder Steel City 45-955 T4

Steel City
  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Minimum / maximum working width

    18 / 230 mm

    Minimum / maximum working thickness

    6 / 160mm

    Input table length

    2000 mm

    Minimum length butted / single pieces  

    200 / 650 mm




    6000 rpm


    40 mm

    Cutting circle


    Minimum / maximum jointer

    100 / 160 mm

    Minimum / maximum vertical chucks  

    110 / 200 mm        

    Minimum / maximum horizontal mandrel upper  

    110 / 200 mm

    Vertical chucks stroke

    45 mm

    Horizontal mandrel stroke

    35 mm

    Variable feed speed

    7-28 m/min

    Dimensions (45-940Taa)

    3000 x 1900 x 2000 (H) mm

    Net weight (45-940T4)

    3600 kg

  • Delivery & Returns



  • Monobloc cast iron frame, standardized
  • 2000 mm long infeed table and chrome finish steel guide for durability
  • Side pressure bar by pneumatic pressure and not springs
  • Pneumatic pressure applied to chip breakers in front of Station No. 4, upper horizontal
  • Motorized drive rollers; drive shaft feed
  • Easy adjustment of all spindles at the front of the machine, mechanical counters (1/10 mm).
  • Independent adjustment of vertical spindles and table top
  • Manual lubrication of the in-feed table
  • Soundproof safety cover. Easy access to the main components

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