500pc Original Biscuit Package Lamello 144031


The joining system developed by Lamello provides a simple, precise and efficient process. First cut a groove, apply glue, then insert the biscuit and assemble. If you already own a Lamello or even a recognized joining machine brand, the resulting groove should be 4mm thick. Therefore, it is very important to use the right biscuit to respect this tolerance. All Lamello biscuits meet the required specific 3.94mm tolerance. Indeed, it is when the biscuit is in contact with the glue that the chemical reaction occurs fluffing the biscuit just enough, not more nor less, to get a strong and perfect joint.

  •  These original wooden Lamello biscuits are manufactured in Switzerland from selected beech wood.
  • The wood undergoes a slow controlled kiln drying in order to achieve optimum dimensional stability.
  • The wood fibre is worked on a diagonal orientation to reach a very high breaking strength. Have you ever tried to break a Lamello biscuit with your fingers?
  • The edges are smoothly rounded in order to facilitate insertion.
  • Surfaces are carved in relief (embossing) in order to ensure maximum glue distribution.
  • The central part is slightly elevated (punching) in order to allow a more accurate assembly.

Now that you know our biscuit recipe, ask yourself why some users will go to so much trouble to produce quality precision work and ultimately insert “more economical” biscuits of dubious tolerances with the risk of mixed results?  To convince you, we have prepared a mix package of 500 Lamello biscuits in the three most popular dimensions (100 x #0, 100 x #10 and 300 x #20) that should allow you to meet most any applications at an affordable price.

A glass of milk with your biscuits?

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