Air Filter Steel City 80-010S1

Steel City

Working wood generates wood dust particles and some of them are so small that one can’t even see them. Some woods may contain resins that can be toxic. Therefore, excessive exposure in such conditions may cause damage to your lungs because they are considered as having a carcinogenic potential. In doubt, the Boss always opts for moderation and a good way to improve the quality of air in your workshop could be to install an air filter.

An air filter does not replace a dust collector but it is an excellent complement to it because it captures airborne particles that have been missed by the dust collector or have escaped from the filter bags. As the filter bags are located on top of a dust collector, it is best to have an air filter that clings to the ceiling to capture particles immediately before they fall to the ground.

This high end air filter designed specifically by Steel City is certainly a right choice.

  • Powerful 1/3HP (2.8A) – 110V induction motor with circuit breaker protection and 6ft (180cm) long electrical cord. It is equipped with a toggle selector that allows to use the manual mode or the remote control (see the Boss’ notice below)
  • 9-½"dia squirrel cage fan which provides a choice of 3 air velocity speeds (700/900/1250 CFM) with a 64dB noise level
  • 2-stage filtration system: one 12"x 24"x 1"(300 x 600 x 25mm) 5 micron outer filter and one 12"x 24"x 18" (300 x 600 x 460mm) 1 micron three-pocket inner filter. Quick and easy replacement with no tools
  • Twin air outlets with adjustable louvers and integrated handles which facilitate handling
  • Filter cleaning sensor with LED light indicating the time to clean or replace the filter. So no more forgotten maintenance!
  • Filtration cycle for a 20'(6m) x 20'(6m) x 8'(2,5m) space is 13/17/23 times per hour
  • In manual mode, a pull chain starts the unit and changes speeds
  • Comes with a remote control that controls start & stop, time and speed. A 9-volt battery is provided to activate the LED sensor panel located at the front of the machine. Distance range is limited to 50'(15m)
  • Possibility to operate in continuous mode or according to 4 time pre-set times: 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. So no need to think about stopping it!
  • Dimensions are 30"(75cm) x 23-3/4"(60cm) x 14"(35 cm) and weight is 86 Lbs (39 Kg)
  • Supplied with 4 eye-bolts for ceiling suspension, it can also be used directly on a workbench

Simply a healthy choice!

Important notice from the Boss: wait until complete stop of the unit before selecting the mode of use (manual or remote control) to prevent damaging the electronic board

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