Bench Top Edgebander Steel City 60-400S1

Steel City

Nowadays, panels have taken a big place in our workshops at the expense of solid wood. Stable, solid, easy to handle and less expensive, panels such as plywood, MDF, melamine and many others have made the job easier and generated great achievements. However, the weak side of this type of material is obviously its side... which requires a special finish. 

There are several solutions, the most popular of which is to apply a pre-glued finishing tape. Cheaper, faster to apply and available in a wide range of materials and colours, this type of thin tape is available in melamine, polyester or wood veneer and comes in 250' length roll with a standard width of 13/16". 

The easiest way to apply it is to use a hot iron. Like many diyers, this is what the Boss used to do with his wife's iron. The end result was not fantastic: bubbles under the tape when going too fast or burnt tapes when too slow not to mention complaints from his significant other if the iron was stored poorly cleaned ...

Steel City has introduced a new Csa-approved bench edgebander that melts the glue on the back of the tape, automatically applies the tape to the part and allows it to be cut in length. The operator thus has both hands free which allows better control of the part. 

  • 1500W - 110V heating element with electronic control offering a variable choice of temperatures to accommodate a wider variety of tapes
  • On/Off switch offering 2 blowing levels and easily accessible variable temperature control rotary button (100 à 200°C) 
  • Powerful retaining brackets and Teflon protective guard to reduce risks of accident 
  • Robust cut-off knife with protective guard and palm handle for a straight and precise cut
  • 50mm (2") dia x 60mm (2-3/8") high polyurethane support roller allowing wider tapes to be applied
  • The main frame measures 680 x 360mm (26-3/4"x 14") and is equipped with adjustable non-slip feet and metal brackets
  • 680 x 190mm (26-3/4"x 7-1/2") aluminum table making it easy to handle large pieces
  • 305mm(12")  square tray used to support the tape roll
  • Lightweight (12kg/26lbs), it can be easily handled and includes a double manual scraper 

You get your money's worth!

Boss' opinion: The quality of the result depends on the right combination of heat (intensity) and speed (consistency). The more you use it, the better you get!

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