Blade Clamping Heads Pégas® 90-300


The Pégas® brand is known and recognized worldwide by scrolling lovers for the choice and the quality of its scroll saw blades.

Following studies and tests demonstrating that the weight of clamping heads is in direct relation with the service life and the vibrations of the machine, Pégas® innovates by launching its new clamping heads designed to improve the performance of scroll saws currently on the market.

  • These new heads are machined in aeronautical aluminium where the resistance and the weight are optimum
  • 40% lighter than the original heads supplied with the machine, these heads are much more compact than the original heads
  • The assembly of these new heads is very simple and takes only a few minutes
  • They make the saw even easier to use thanks to a faster setting of the blade
  • Since the vibrations are reduced to a minimum, the blade lifetime is greatly improved
  • This also reduces stress on mechanical parts and bearings which provides a longer lifetime to the machine and a better comfort of use for the operator
  • Fit most scroll saws in operation (16, 21 or 30in) under various brands like Dewalt, Excalibur, Excelsior, King, Pégas®, etc.


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