Cehisa Edgebanders Models of the Dynamic C-Motion

  • Specifications

    Technical specifications

    Edgebanding Capacity:
    Melamine / PVC / ABS/c veneer  0.4 - 3 mm
    Solid wood strips up to 5 mm (manual feed / auto feed opt.
    Max. height 65 mm
    Thickness min / max 10-60   mm /  (With CR group)
    Length min / max 120      mm / (unlimited)
    Width min / max 75 / (unlimited)  - 60 / (unlimited) OPT.
    Motorized shafts up to 18
    Feed rate 9-14 m/min
    Total electrical output 11 kW
    Electrical connection 30 amps@ 220V-3ph-60HZ
    Air consumption 5CFM @ 90psi
    Dimensions 5150 x 680 x1640 mm
    Machine weight (net) 1600 kg

  • Delivery & Returns


European design and assembly, with components of the highest quality.

Cehisa was established in Spain in 1956 and is today recognized worldwide as one of the most dynamic manufacturers. A family business, Cehisa is proud to present a range of solid and reliable machines, with the latest technology and on which they mount only components of the highest quality, from recognized suppliers. Present on the North American market for over forty years and distributed by Normand since 2000, Cehisa brand offers excellent price / quality for all types of workshops.

The DYNAMIC Series represents the new generation of CEHISA machinery, which combines innovation, versatility and reliability in a compact size edgebander. This new series incorporates C-Motion technology that offers maximum precision and agility when adjusting the operational groups. 


  • 18 axes controlled with C-Motion Tech.
  • Infeed fence C-Motion Tech. 
  • Pneumatic pressure rollers C-Motion Tech.
  • End trim unit (V-10N) with pneumatic tilting saws. 2 x HF
  • Trimming unit (BC-6M) C-Motion Tech.
  • Up to 6 controlled axes and multi-profile tools (up to 4 profiles)
  • Corner Rounding unit (CR-4M) C-Motion Tech. 2 x HF motors up to 4 controlled axes and quick change tool
  • Radius scraper (RB-9M) C-Motion Tech. Up to 6 controlled axes and multi-profile tools (up to 3 profiles)
  • Motorized pressure beam with encoder and prismatic guides
  • Automatic solid wood strips feeding system
  • Connectivity Kit (machine control and technical assistance remotely) (Optional)
  • C-Motion software with 10" color touch screen and pivoting support


10’’ Control Panel

  • 10” TFT colour touch LCD. Robust TFT colour touch LCD with LED backlighting, multi-language support and 128 Mb of memory for storage of screen data and job programs.
  • User friendly control with direct connection to the PLC, providing quick access and monitoring of all machine functions (start/stop, program editing, parameters check & editing, alarms visualization, PLC I/O diagnostics) in real time.

Workpiece transport and support

  • Drag chain – an industrial chain sliding on two hardened and ground steel guides with non-marking rubber pads.
  • Pressure beam with 2 row of rollers.
  • Motorized pressure beam positioning from the control panel.
  • INCLUDED OPTION: Feed of reduced panel width from 75mm to 60 mm.


  • Tray for the roll of edging material
  • Timer controlled automatic feeding allowing the precise adjustment of the in-feed surplus and minimizing the waste of edging material
  • Automatic strips feeding magazine (up to 5 mm solid wood strips thickness) Pneumatic pre-cutting guillotine ( up to 3 mm PVC/ABS edges thickness) Longer and reinforced infeed fence
  • Feeding tray with non-return tape system
  • Included Option – C Motion controlled axis in infeed fence

Pre-milling Station PF-12

  • New design with improved thermodynamics, grating a shorter heating with less power consumption (2,5 kW). Full TEFLON® coating of the whole assembly. Glue tank capacity 1,5 Kg.
  • The molten glue is injected at the upper and the lower points of the application roller where heating elements are built in to maintain optimum working temperature.
  • Automatic temperature control by electronic thermostat preventing the scorching of the glue when the machine is idle. Heating time 10 min.
  • INCLUDED OPTION: DUOMELT upgrade pack, allowing the use of the unit both with EVA and with PUR adhesives. The option pack includes a simple and efficient draining system of the residual glue from the glue pot and the necessary software to support this feature.


  • 3 pneumatic pressure rollers exerting pressure on the edge banding order to achieve its adhesion onto the panel edge. The first roller is driven and the second and the third ones are of smaller diameter and idle
  • INCLUDED OPTION: C-Motion controlled axis in pressure rollers

End Trimming station V-10N

  • 2 independent HF motors (0,55 kW ) one performing the front and the other the rear trim cut.
  • Smooth and precise movement of the carriage on linear bearings along hardened and ground cylindrical guideways..
  • The saws can be tilted pneumatically at an angle 0-10º for a better finish of the end trim cuts.

Top and Bottom trimming station BC-6M

  • Separate top and bottom units for trimming of the excess edging material along the upper and the lower edges of the panel. High gloss tracers with SIKO digital readouts for easy and precise adjustment.
  • 2 independent units, powered by HF motors ,55 kW / 12000 RPM, equipped with milling cutter heads for trimming solid wood edges up to 5 mm.
  • Roller type tracers for work with high gloss and 3D effect panels and edges.
  • Tooling: milling cutters with TC blades ø70/ø20xH20 Z4
  • INCLUDED OPTION: C-Motion (BC-6M) up to 6 controlled axes and multi-profile tools (up to 4 profiles)


  • Designed to round 4 corners of the panel edged with PVC/ABS band in order to achieve its complete finishing. Vertical tracer equipped with dual independent regulation to achieve the perfect machining of the panel
  • Powered by two HF motors of 0,27 kW, equipped with vertical and horizontal tracing devices
  • INCLUDED OPTION: C-Motion (CR-4M) up to 4 controlled axes and quick tool change


  • Designed to give the finishing touch of the radius of the PVC/ABS edging after T&B trimming
  • Roller high gloss tracers to work with 3D effect panels and edges
  • Precise and easy adjustment and cleaning by air blow nozzles. Extraction system with PVC/ABS waste collector
  • INCLUDED OPTION: C-Motion (RB-9M) up to 6 controlled axes and multiprofile tools (up to 3 profiles)

Glue Scraper  RR-8N

  • Designed to remove possible rests of glue on the top & bottom surfaces of the panel.
  • Two blade holders with independently adjustable vertical copying devices.
  • Blow nozzles for tracer cleaning.
  • Automatic positioning of the station in ON/OFF position.

Buffing Unit PC-5

  • Designed to remove possible residues of glue, restore the PVC/ABS edge colour and polish it after the trimming and scraping operations.
  • Two independent units with tilting motors (2 x 0,1 kW / 1500 RPM) and hard cotton discs (ø120 mm)

Standard Configuration

  • Central dust collection
  • Extendable roller support for big work pieces
  • Dust extraction hoods on all machining units.
  • Air blow nozzles for tracers cleaning.
  • Machine cabin housing on all working units.
  • Electrical part conforming to all relative CE regulations.
  • CE certified pneumatic & electronic by leading brands
  • CSA  Certification

Additional included options

  • LED Cabin Lighting
  • Non-stick spray agent at entrance
  • Cleaning spray agent at exit
  • Pneumatic cylinder for panel interval feeding

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