Classic X Cordless Milling Mach.+ Syst Lamello 101701USS


The Original Milling machine precise and cordless!

Based on its inventor’s proven design, the Classic X milling machine in its cordless version offers greater versatility in the realization of your joins without compromising the reliability and precision. Thanks to its 2 included 4.0 Ah batteries, it offers greater flexibility when milling grooves, whether you're on the job site or in the workshop.

Multifunctional and easy to use, it allows you to create a 4 mm groove that accepts a wide variety of connectors for permanent, self-locking, or detachable assemblies. It has a sturdy ergonomic grip that provides more stability during use, both vertically and horizontally. In addition, its outer stop square ensures perfect precision of the miters for angles of 22.5 and 45 degrees.

Benefits of the Lamello joining system

  • A single power tool for 15 different connecting fittings offering fixed and detachable connections
  • No tool change required for 13 different connecting fittings
  • Lateral tolerance allows for faster working without positioning aids and stops
  • Avoid errors when adjusting the cutting depth since both work pieces have the same groove depth
  • Proven cutting principle with a disc cutter ensures that the grooves are always parallel and precise, even in the case of knots or rapid working 

The set includes the following accessories:

  • 2x 18v 4.0 Ah LiHD batteries
  • ASC 55 battery charger
  • Stop square fence
  • 4mm carbide blade (installed on the machine)
  • 4mm fence spacer
  • 36mm suction stub
  • Dust bag
  • T-Loc Systainer SYS3

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