CNC Drilling, Gluing Dowel Insertion Vitap Blitz 3.0

  • Specifications


    Boring speed 3500    RPM
    Maximum size of drill bit 10        mm
    Maximum capacity X= 1300 mm
    Y= 50 mm
    Z= 25 mm
    Dowel sizes min      6x25mm
    max     10x40mm
    Overall dimensions 2500x1300x1900        mm
    Weight 850 kg
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  • This multi task CNC machine is the perfect solution to the cabinet, furniture and door manufacturer.
  • CNC drilling and dowel inserting machine (axis X) 1300mm with 3 controlled axes (X,Y,Z)
  • Highly efficient and reliable due to its simple controller and software.
  • Drills, injects glues and inserts dowels in all material. Just store your sizes and patterns in the controller and the machine will perform all three steps in a fraction of time compared to just manually inserting dowels.
  • Ideal for mass production, such as “Just-In-Time” production and is a necessary complement for horizontal drilling in “Nesting “

 Machine standard equipment:

  • 3 horizontal independent spindles
  • 3 vertical independent spindles
  • 1 glue and dowel inserting unit
  • 1 high capacity vibrator to feed the dowels
  • 2 working areas
  • 2 sides reference stops on the working table
  • 1 central reference stop on the working table
  • 4 clamps
  • Drilling Head:
    • 3 independent horizontal spindles at 3500 RPM
    • 3 independent vertical spindles at 3500RPM
  • Working Area Horizontal Head:
    • X= 1300mm
    • Y= 50 mm
    • Z (horizontal drilling)= 25 mm; Z= (Vertical drilling) = 50mm
  • Inserting Glue and Dowel Unit: 
    • 1 glue and dowel injector.
    • Dowel dimensions: Min.: 6x25mm; Max. : 10x40mm
  • Glue System:
    • 1 low pressure pump for glue ratio 1:1
    • 1 water tank for cleaning lt 9
  • Hardware and Software:
    • LCD monitor 19”
    • PC Windows system
    • Albatros TPA software
    • USB port for loading programs run on a station in the office

 Technical Specification

  • Boring speed : 3500  RPM
  • Maximum size of drill bit : 10  mm
  • Maximum capacity :
    • X : 1300 mm
    • Y:  50 mm
    • Z:  25 mm (horizontal); 50mm (vertical)
  • Dowel sizes :
    • MIN : 6 X 25mm
    • MAX: 10 X 40mm
  • Overall dimensions : 2500 x 1300 x 1900 mm
  • Weight : 850 Kg

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