Deluxe Bandsaw Rip Fence Centurion 22-900


At first, the bandsaw was designed to cut curves and make precise joinery. Later, users discovered that they could use it for resawing provided they had a proper rip fence.

The Centurion rip fence system includes some of the best aftermarket rip fences available because of their universal design and their great sturdiness. It includes rip fences for bandsaws and for table saws. 

  • Particularly designed for industrial bandsaws, this Deluxe rip fence is a solid fence that is easy to install and to adjust. This is the fence that can be found in standard equipment on Professional 15in and Industrial 18in Steel City bandsaws as well as on some other competitive brands 
  • The 635mm(25") long x 45mm(1-3/4") wide x 65mm(2-1/2") high extruded aluminum fence bar is securely fixed to its head, allowing it to be moved and locked to the front rail for a perfect squaring. As it does not require to be attached to the back rail, it can be released and lifted off quickly. 
  • The fence bar is made with T-slots to allow for solid attachment of either an auxiliary wooden board, a clamp or a resaw jig
  • The fence head has 2 measurement cursors for right or left reading that align with a tape stuck to the front rail for precise settings
  • It is equipped with a solid lock lever and ball-bearing rollers that give a slick sliding action 
  • The 740mm(29") long x 55mm(2-1/4") wide x 45mm(1-3/4") high extruded aluminum front rail comes with knobs, brackets and bolts
  • Equipped with a nylon block, the back of the fence slides along the table on a 710mm(28") long x 25mm(1") aluminum square tubing back rail that comes with knobs, brackets and bolts 
  • Both rails can be moved sideways depending on the desired use 
  • Tools and hardware included 

Bandsaws 20in and up: When locked in place, you get a fence securely secured and perfectly square with a very small bend at the end of the fence bar that is quite normal. Thus, as it does not need to be attached to the back rail, this fence can fit on bandsaws larger in diameter (table larger than 20in). The rear rail is not required and you just have to stick a small felt under the fence bar if you want to reduce the friction on the table.

Moves well, locks securely and stays parallel horizontally and vertically!

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