Digital Measuring Tools (3) CMT DMS-001


Measurement instruments hold an important place in a woodshop and they can be quite expensive too. The Boss has found this 3 digital measurement instrument pack that is not only a good economic choice but will also allow you to tame the principles of digital measurement. 

Angle Gauge DAG-001

Simple, fast, accurate and very affordable, this digital gauge can help to provide you with better accuracy when verifying angles. As a distinctive feature, it offers two measuring modes: absolute (ABS) and relative:

-         The absolute mode is used to calculate the angle between a flat surface (0) and a specific angle point: turn it on, set it on a flat reference surface, press the zero button, move it to a metal surface at angle and read the measurement.
-         The relative mode is used to calculate the distance between two specific angle points: turn it on, set it on an angled metal reference surface, press the zero button, adjust to the specific angle point and read the differential measurement.

  • Large LCD light screen making it easy to read with automatic shutdown
  • Pocket-sized box with built-in magnets to secure firmly to metal
  • Ideal for setting the cut on a mitre saw or table saw
  • Useful for adjusting a jointer fence or a band saw or drill press table
  • Practical when sharpening chisels or any other bevel tools
  • Comes with a belt pouch and a AAA battery 

Height Gauge DHG-001

Designed for height setting of all kinds of tooling, this digital gauge can also be very useful for settings:

-         knives on a jointer or a planer
-         blades on a table saw
-         router bits on routing table

  • Digital easy to read display that can be reset as necessary
  • Can be used in absolute mode from zero point (ABS) or increment mode (INC)
  • With a 0,10mm (0.004") accuracy, it offers three scales: fractional, decimal in mm or decimal in inch
  • Self-standing with magnets, it offers a wide opening of 60mm (2-3/8")
  • Measuring range goes from 0 to 80mm (3-1/8")
  • Can measure in vertical or horizontal position
  • Supplied with extension probe for measuring depth
  • Battery CR2032 with 1500 hours life is included

Angle Finder DAF-001

This digital angle finder is a multi-functional tool for many measuring applications (0-360°). 

  • The 260x50x25mm (10-1/4"x 2"x 1") aluminum base unit carries the electronics giving a very clear detailed LCD display for digital read-out to the nearest 0.05°
  • A levelling vial and a plastic handle are also integrated to the base unit
  • Robust but light, it is easy to operate and offers two measuring modes: absolute (ABS) and relative
  • A pivoting measuring arm with lock button completes the tool
  • Lock function to prevent the last measurement being lost
  • Low battery indicator and automatic shut off function
  • Battery 3V - CR2032 with 2000 hours life included 

An economic way to become digital!

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