Dust Collector 1-1/2HP-110V Steel City 80-150S2

Steel City

Normand offers a full range of 2, 3, and 5HP portable dust collectors for workshop as well as 7-1/2HP stationary dust collectors and over for the industry.

However, if you are a handyman whose workshop is limited to a confined space in the basement or in the garage, dust control is even more compelling because it can easily seep around the house. The problem for many is that access to a 220V power outlet is not always available.

In its search for an optimal solution for these DIY enthusiasts, the Boss found this Steel City 110V portable dust collector that can fit up to 2 machines at a time and at a very reasonable price.

  • Totally enclosed powerful 1-½HP–110V (14amp) induction motor for continuous use with safety lock switch with removable key (also convertible on 220V-7amp)
  • Collecting port equipped with a 12-3/4"(325mm) aluminum alloy impeller reducing the risk of sparks. Precision balanced, the unit has an airflow capacity of 1250CFM at 9" static pressure and a decibel rate between 80-85 dB
  • 6"(150mm) dia port inlet with 2 x 4"(100mm) dia connector and 1 cap. The port inlet is protected by a wire screen to prevent access of large debris 
  • The collecting frame is in metal and is solidly supported by 3 steel poles. A 5"(125mm)dia resistant PVC flexible hose connects it to the collecting port
  • Comes standard with upper filter bag made of washable felted fabrics woven tight enough to capture dust above 2 microns
  • Also included: 3 x 20"(500mm) dia plastic collection bags that allow to better visualize the fill level and facilitate garbage disposal as well as 2 quick release metal straps
  • Trolley is equipped with 4 swivel casters for maximum portability
  • Total dimensions are 37"(95cm) long x 32"(80cm) wide x 74"(190cm) high and the weight is 105 lbs (47 kg)

Useful and built to last!

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Phase number
1 ph
Airflow Capacity
1250 CFM
Blower Wheel Diameter
12 3/4 (323 mm)
Sound Rating
80 to 85 dB
Bad Diameter
20" (508 mm)
Overall Dimensions
38" x 31 1/2" x 76" (970 x 800 x 1800 mm)
Inlet Diameter
6" (152 mm) or 4" (101 mm)