G3 LITE Bowl Turning Direct Thread 1” X 8TPI Chuck Bundle Nova 48308

$199.95 $279.99

The NOVA 48308 LITE G3 Bowl Turning Bundle includes the NOVA 48287 LITE G3 Direct Thread 1″ x 8 TPI chuck and is light weight, and with less overhang which is perfect for smaller lathe spindles. The small 1.79″ body length delivers less overhang from the spindle than the larger geared Chucks 4 Jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for smaller lathes with up to 14″ swing. Fully featured chuck including Auto Stop, Copper composite Jaw Slides, Comfortable Sliding T Bar Handle and 2″ (50mm) Jaws. Powerful Tuff Lock gearing with precise, hardened action delivers incredibly smooth strength for a solid, vibration free.

We have removed the numbering on the jaw slides. After years of research and taking user input, we have found our method of aligning jaws to jaw slide numbers outdated! Now, simply set your NOVA jaws on your NOVA LITE chuck at any starting position with your NOVA jaws in clockwise fashion by the jaw markings 1-4, it’s that easy!

  • Includes 48287 LITE G3 Direct Thread 1” x 8TPI Reversible Chuck (does not accept inserts), 50mm/2” Jaws10″ Cole JawsCole Jaw Fasting Kit, Adjustable T-Bar Chuck Key Handle, Woodworm Screw and fastenings in a sturdy storage case with handle.
  • Direct Thread 1”x 8TPI RH/LH.
  • Up to 350mm/14” diameter bowls using 50mm/2” Jaws.
  • Up to 50mm/2” length spigots using 50mm/2” Jaws.
  • Precision machined from single solid steel billet for maximum performance.
  • High Tech Precision Composite Jaw Slides.
  • Special NOVA Woodturning Dovetail Profile on Jaws.
  • Auto Safety Stop Feature. Jaw slides can’t protrude past the chuck body.
  • Small, Compact Design. Minimizes load on small spindles and bearings.
  • Open back for easy cleaning.
  • Powerful Geared Grip with Tuff Lock™ Technology. Precise, hardened geared action delivers incredible smooth strength. Solid, vibration free.
  • Single Handed Operation. Chuck key has fast, positive location, easy and comfortable to use. More time spent turning and less time spent preparing.
  • Able to take most NOVA accessories jaws.*
  • Comprehensive Instructions.

Warranty: 48308 = 6 Year Jaws + 2 Year Chuck, Accessories and Inclusions Full Replacement*

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