General Purpose CNC Bit Set (8) Freud 87-208


A CNC router allows you to quickly and accurately create different cuts and profiles. To achieve the best results, one needs to have a good assortment of router bits on hand.

Partners for many years, Freud® and Normand® offer the largest selection of cutting tools designed to solve problems in the industry and increase performance and productivity of Canadian manufacturers.

With the growing number of small table top CNC routers, it is very important to offer adequate tools. In order to provide small CNC router owners with a good selection of bits, the Boss tested this 8 bit starter kit that should solve most application problems that you might have to deal with depending on the materials used such as wood, plastic, composites and aluminum.

All router bits are top quality production cutting tools with 1/4" shank diameter. Most of them are made in TiCo™ (titanium/cobalt) high density solid carbide for extended life. The bit body protected by « Perma-Shield » can resist binding and will reduce corrosion.

Each is designed for a specific application. They are all individually packed and can be ordered again individually whenever needed.


Number            Cut. Dia.         Cut. Length     Total Length

Double flute     Carbide tipped - 90° V grooving

20-104                 1/2"                   7/16"             1-3/4"

Double flute     Solid carbide - 60° V grooving

20-152                 1/2"                    1/2"               2"

Single flute      Solid carbide - 7.5° V grooving

70-103                 3/16"                  1/2"              1-11/16"

Double flute     Solid carbide - Upcut spiral ball nose R-1/8"

72-101                 1/4"                    1/2"              2-1/2"

Single flute      Solid carbide - O flute Straight

71-040                 1/8"                    1/2"               2"

Single flute      Solid carbide - O flute Upcut spiral

73-762                 1/8"                    1/2"               2"

Single flute      Solid carbide - Upcut spiral

75-101                 3/16"                  3/4"               2"

Single flute      Solid carbide - O flute Upcut spiral

75-025                 1/4"                    7/8"               2-½"

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