Handheld CNC Router Origin GEN2 SHAPER TOOLS SO2-UN

Shaper Tools
  • Specifications

    Origin Specs

    Input Power

    120VAC, 60Hz. 7A


    Includes a 1/4"(6.35mm) collet, 1/8” (3.175mm) and metric collets sold separately and available from Shaper.

    Depth Control

    43mm (1,7”) of total Z-axis travel

    Digitally adjustable depth-of-cut

    Automated touch-off sensor

    Dust extraction Port

    Designed with the SM-1 spindle to provide optimal debris extraction
    34mm inner diameter by 39mm outer diameter port dimensions
    Fits most standard 27mm (35mm OD) and 36mm suction hoses (ex. Festool, Fein)
    Includes a 6.5’ (2m) adaptor hose with a 2 ¼” (5.7cm) OD nozzle


    Wi-Fi enabled for transfer of design files via ShaperHub, and for receiving software updates. USB port allows easy offline transfer of design files

    Digital Cut Files

    Works with standard vector files (.SVG)
    Includes on-tool design capabilities

    Touch Screen

    Capacitive multi-touch full-color LCD


    Origin: 13,35" (339mm) x 8,94” (227mm) x 12,04” (306mm)

  • Delivery & Returns


Origin is the world’s first computer-assisted handheld plunge router. Avoid the limits of traditional CNC machines and tackle projects at a wide range of scales with a single and compact tool. Shaper Origin combines computer-guided accuracy with handheld familiarity. Cut with unparalleled precision, flexibility and efficiency.

The Origin has been rebuilt to offer a new version (GEN2) more accessible, responsive and intuitive. It features a 25% larger screen, improved scanning performance, aluminum unibody and much more.



Shaper Origin with Shaper SM-1 spindle

Tanos Systainer3 M437

Two rolls of ShaperTape (45,7m each)

Tool change accessories

USB flash drive

1/4" (6.35mm) Upcut spiral cutter

1/8" (3.175mm) Upcut spiral cutter

60o engraving cutter 


Warranty & Support

One year warranty + one additional year when Origin is registered by the customer

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