i-Socket® AutoSwitch i-Socket IS-12


Tired of the same routine: start the vacuum, start the saw, make the cut, stop the saw and stop the vacuum? Now with the i-Socket® automatic switch, no further need to bother with the vacuum.

Specifically designed for the combined use of tool and standard shop type vacuum, this “intelligent” switch will control the in rush of current start up.

  • Measuring 4-1/2"(115mm) x 4-1/4"(110mm) x 1-1/2"(40 mm), it is equipped with a software imbedded microcontroller that triggers a delay of a few milliseconds to prevent circuit breaker overload 
  • The top outlet is for any main tool whose maximum motor rating must not exceed 15A/110V (1875W): portable machines such as bandsaw, jointer, miter saw, planer or table saw, router table, bench or portable sander or others
  • At the bottom, there are two accessory outlets for auxiliary tools that must not exceed 15A/110V (1875W) each: wet/dry workshop vacuum, dust collector, power feeder, work lamp or others 
  • It has a 3-position mode switch that allows either the main tool to work alone or the auxiliary tools to work alone or both at the same time 

1-Plug the i-Socket® device into a standard 15A/110V outlet to fully cover it to avoid any risk of overload

2-Set the mode switch to the desired position:            

  •   OFF (middle):
    • The top outlet is functional but accessory outlets are off
  •   ON (below):
    • All outlets are functional independently
    • A LED indicator lights up GREEN when accessory outlets are powered
  •   AUTO (above):
    • The top outlet takes over accessory outlets
    • A LED indicator lights up RED when in auto mode

3-Plug auxiliary tools in the accessory outlets

4-Plug the main tool in the top outlet

Assuming that the main tool is a miter saw and the auxiliary tool is a workshop vacuum cleaner, set the mode switch to AUTO and turn on the vacuum cleaner. When starting the saw, the vacuum cleaner will turn on automatically. 

Once the saw is stopped, the vacuum cleaner will continue running for 7 seconds to clean out the hose and then will automatically cycle down and sit in the ready state until the next cut.

A good way to increase efficiency and focus on your work!

Boss’ comment: Compared to the old model, you no longer have to disconnect all to get access to your two wall outlets. Simply set the mode switch to ON and you will recuperate your two outlets without removing the device.

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