Live centre system NOVA 5015

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Nova™ has developed a series of small tools all related to the use of its live center. Called “Nova Live Center System”, this unique combination centre kit provides versatile and handy accessories designed for the tough demands of modern woodturning.

It allows fast and precise mounting of centre pieces and can handle both heavy and delicate work. This kit offers over 6 functions that will virtually meet all spindle turning requirements:

  1. Comprehensive tailstock support machined with precision and equipped with 3 bearings for maximum long life. Its quick change 2MT arbor fits all NOVA™ lathes and equivalents
  2. Threaded centre that has an internal thread to mount either a bolt or a screw to fix wooden plugs, disks or mandrels as support pieces for turning either bowl work or spindle applications. Because of its internal cone form, this centre can also be used for quick centreless mounting of squares or rounds up to 8mm for spindle applications
  3. Stepped cone that is a quick and convenient way to mount centreless rounds up to 40mm (19/16"), split turning or other work without a centre. Reverse mounting of cone allows wedge fit of hollow section work. The threaded centre is needed to mount this large stepped cone accessory
  4. Miniature extension centre designed to support thin work or small and delicate turnings. The diameter of the stem is 1/4" so this centre can double as a 1/4" pen mandrel
  5. 60 degree centre commonly used as an all-purpose centre designed for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for medium to hardwoods
  6. Hollow cup centre and point for softwood support; the centre comes with its own demountable centre point. By using the hollow cup centre, turners are able to drill through centre within the spindle which is great for cable access for lamps

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