MICRODIAL™ Tapering Jig Microjig TJ500


If you want to make a contemporary table, there are strong chances that you will want to make taper legs. For accurate and consistent taper cuts, you need to build a tapering jig and this may require time and efforts. Often, those dedicated one-time jigs are put aside when the parts are finished.

MICROJIG® has designed and made the MICRODIAL™ tapering jig, a revolutionary versatile and precise device that can craft impeccable tapered legs.

  • Primarily designed to work on a table saw, it is guided along the rip fence
  • Can make one, two, three, four, six and even eight sided tapers quickly and efficiently
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with one or two GR-200 GRR-RIPPER (extra)
  • Use the built-in precision degree scale (0° to 10°) with COLORMATCH™ system when the angle of the taper is known
  • Use the rise and run calibrated scale (0" to 2" per foot) with COLORMATCH™ system when you know how much taper you want per foot
  • Finally, use the jig by simply laying out the taper you are after on the face of the workpiece and adjusting the jig to match.
  • The COLORMATCH™ system ensures easy and quick visual settings
  • The MEMORYLOCK™ system allows to maintain two independent stops for quick shifting between angles
  • MICRODIAL™ can also be used as a large push block to straighten the edge of a rough board (up to 12" wide x 30" long)
  • Provided with instructional DVD and complete instruction manual

Now you can make smart tapers!

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