Moisture Meter Delmhorst JLITE

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It all started in 1946 with an enterprising idea. There were leaks in the roofs and plaster walls of buildings in New York City. Building superintendents needed a way to identify them for repair. Enter Bill Delmhorst and his proprietary moisture meter. He sold it to the city, and Delmhorst Instrument Co. was born. Since then, Delmhorst built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality moisture meters available on the market.

How many times do you question the quality of wood purchased or stored? Serious DIYs know that excessive moisture can cause major problems to their finished projects.

Proud of its 60 years of experience in the woodworking industry, Delmhorst has designed a moisture meter accessible to most of small cabinet makers.

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use, it’s a robust and reliable ergonomic model, useful in all kinds of inspection applications
  • Its 12 LEDs readout makes reading easy in dark or sunlight areas
  • 2 integral contact pins mounted on the meter prove 5/16”(8mm) penetration
  • Includes a built-in calibration check and provides an accurate moisture reading over the range from 6 to 30%
  • Measures 8" x 3" x 1-5/8"(200 X 75 x 40mm) and weighs 10oz (285gr)
  • Comes complete with sturdy plastic case, 9V battery and extra set of pins

Excellent for wood but not recommended for your wine cellar!


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