Multifunctional Straps Boa

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Set of 3 Mixed Straps Black Boa 801622
Set of 3 mixed straps yellow Boa 801623
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Set of 6 Straps 6" Black Boa 801611
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Set of 6 Straps 6" Yellow Boa 801612
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Set of 6 Straps 8" Black Boa 801616
Set of 6 Straps 8" Yellow Boa 801617
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Set of 6 Straps 14" Black Boa 801618
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All means are good when it comes to tying hose, cables, rope, wire and many other equipment. The problem is that, in most cases, the type of tether used is either not reusable or does not stand the test of time. The "Ty-Wrap" nylon fasteners are a good example of single-use fasteners that require a tool to remove them.

Environmentally conscious, the Boss found this beautiful little product that is innovative, efficient, practical, eco-friendly andmade in Canada.

  • Simple to use, just fix it in place, surround the material to be attached and stretch the tongue to insert the button into the appropriate hole
  • BOA multifunctional fasteners are made from a polymer that gives them unparalleled flexibility and elasticity (30%) 
  • A UV treatment gives the polymer a very high resistance to the sun's rays making them perfect for outdoor use (thermal resistance from 40 to -30 degrees Celsius)
  • Available in three popular lengths, 6"(150mm), 8"(200mm) and 14"(360mm). The 14" long strap offers the possibility to adjust the button in three different positions 
  • They are able to meet the majority of needs such as attaching electronic device or TV cables, electrical extension cords, air and water hoses, power tool cords, fishing rods, skis, bicycles, etc.
  • They come in two colours: the classic black or a bright yellow for those who want to spot them easily 
  • As a starting suggestion, the Boss proposes to start with a set of 3 mixed lengths (6", 8" and 14") in order to identify the needs: 

801622 - Set of 3 mixed straps - black
801623 - Set of 3 mixed straps - yellow

  • Once you have made up your mind, choose the set of 6 identical lengths that is most relevant to your needs: 

801611 - Set of 6 straps 6" - black
801612 - Set of 6 straps 6" - yellow
801616 - Set of 6 straps 8" - black
801617 - Set of 6 straps 8" - yellow
801618 - Set of 6 straps 14" - black
801619 - Set of 6 straps 14" - yellow 

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