Pen Plus Jaw Kit NOVA 6034

$54.95 $67.99

You can now easily convert your NOVA™ chuck into a fast and accurate pen blank drilling tool.

This new NOVA™ pen plus jaw set is designed especially to hold pen blanks for drilling and will provide a vibration free, solid grip for all sizes of pen blanks and an accurate centered hole every time.

  • Each jaw segment is over 2”(50mm) long, has “V” groove and is secured by two screws which means the pen blank is gripped firmly without movement.
  • These heavy duty jaws are designed with an internal profile that can handle larger squares and rounds turning blanks with ease and minimal vibration. 
  • In contracted position, it can grip up to 9"(23cm) long squares from 10mm(0.40") up to 30mm(1.80") and 10"(25cm) long rounds from 11,5mm(0.45") up to 20mm(0.70") dia.
  • In expanded position, it will grip up to 10"(25cm) long rounds from 35mm(1.35") up to 68mm(2.65") dia.
  • Being mounted on a lathe the turner has more control over motor speed and a much better control of the feed speed which help to prevent break out on those delicate pen walls.
  • Also perfect for squaring up the pen blank ends after gluing in the pen kit tubes (while almost impossible on a press drill
  • Super convenient for small run pen making; all operations are based around the lathe, no more need for a press drill or a pen vice.

Drilling pen blanks will be like magic!

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