Plunge Saw Triton TTS1400


Fit Triton’s TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw to a track for long, precise cuts. The mode selector barrel activates free plunge, scribe, or blade change, and cutting width indicators show the exact position where the blade plunges into the workpiece. Features include soft start and variable speed, precision bevel cut adjustment from 0 - 48º with a precision depth stop to provide cutting stability up to 54mm / 2 1⁄8". For clean, accurate cuts through every material, Triton’s TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw delivers - on or off the track - every time!

  • Powerful 1400W / 12A motor with variable speed, soft start, overload protection & constant speed electronics
  • Mode selector barrel for quick change between free plunge, scribe, & blade change modes
  • Precision Bevel Cut angle adjustment from 0 - 48º with Dual front & rear bevel quadrants for improved stability
  • Dual alignment cams for fine tuning the saw base with the track, anti-kickback and guide rail track lock for improved stability and safety
  • Safety features include highly efficient dust extraction with universal adaptor & 360° outlet, non-slip Rubber over-moulded grip for increased support, safety & control
  • Precise Cutting Depth Adjustment, can be set to a maximum of 54mm / 2 1⁄8"

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