Portable flooring Saw GMC MS018


DIYers know that installing wood floors requires lots of cuts and can be exhausting. First, you need to bring on the site a miter saw to cut planks to length plus a table saw to rip them to width. Then you have to measure and run back and forth to make all cuts until the job is completed.

With this portable flooring saw, you can do it all without having to get up. Compact, it has all the features required to do a professional work and can also be used in a workshop for all kinds of finishing cuts:

  • Its powerful 860 W (7 Amp) motor runs at 11000 RPM on 110V and is suitable for cross, miter or rip cutting of softwood, hardwood and laminate flooring.
  • The saw is mounted on a dual sliding rail system which provides easy glide and accurate cuts.
  • It includes a 127mm (5") dia. x 14T carbide blade for fast and clean cuts.
  • In ripping mode, the saw is fixed by a lock and material is slowly moved toward.
  • Rip fence allows parallel rip cuts from 0 to 108 mm (4-1⁄4") wide.
  • In crosscut mode, material is fixed by the clamp arm and saw is slowly moved across.
  • Crosscut capacities go up to 460 mm (18-1/8") wide.
  • Mitering mode will provide 15°, 20°, 30° and 45° miter cuts.
  • Maximum material thickness is 18 mm (23/32").
  • Its aluminum construction gives it rigidity and lightness. Weighs just 6.8 Kg (15 lb).
  • Supplied with a full clear guard and a riving knife, blade is easy to change.
  • It comes complete with push stick, clamp arm, rip + crosscut fences and dust bag.

No doubt that this tool will save you time and pay by itself right after the first job! 

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