Power Breaker 110V / 18A JDS 1998


 Most everyone has already been through the hardships associated with a power outage without forgetting those that often happen when power returns. However small it may be, a power failure can have very serious consequences especially when operating a machine or a power tool.

As a general rule, in the industry, machines are equipped with magnetic starter which prevents the machine from restarting when power returns. It is not the case however for most small shop machines and portable tools operating on 110/220 volts.

For these types of equipment, it is now possible to get an equivalent type of protection thanks to the new device “Sensing-Saf - Start ®”.

  • The device automatically trips during a power failure and needs to be manually resettled to re-establish the current.
  • Inexpensive solution compared to the cost of installation of a magnetic starter.
  • Easy to install, it meets the major safety standards in force in America.
  • Several possibilities of applications depending on the needs and risks.
  • 1998: for bigger tools or small machines using more amperage - maximum 18amp - 110v with 20" extension cord without plug to the equipment and 72" extension cord without plug to the power source.


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