Ratchet Headgear Dynamic EPHG300R


Safety products for the woodshop

At first glance, a well-equipped and tidy workshop gives an impression of calm and serenity. However, a workshop can also become a hostile environment especially for the eyes, ears and lungs, not to mention the head, fingers, back, etc. But passion often goes far beyond the drawbacks.

It is known that the simple use of a chisel and a mallet can generate splints at the speed of a lightning bolt that can reach the eyes. What about noise, dust, fumes and many other accidents. It is then important to have well-designed, lightweight, comfortable, easy-to-use protective equipment and, why not, that suits well. One says that the best protection is the one that is worn regularly.

One thing is for sure, a good protection is never costly!

Why Dynamic? 

Well known for its Dynamic brand of products, DSI Safety Inc is a Canadian fast growing company thanks to its highly motivated, knowledgeable and experienced team of employees.

Devoted to designing and producing the best innovative safety products, their skillful people cumulate over 100 years of experience and expertise in their respective areas of knowledge.

Dynamic products meet all safety regulations and/or standards required in America and in Europe and bear certifications like CSA, ANSI, NIOSH and CE.

Because of the wide variety of products, the speed of supply (Laval) and the excellent value for money, Normand decided to choose DSI Safety Inc as the primary supplier for its safety component.

The Boss has selected some of the most popular items for inventory purposes. However, if you feel another product might be more suited to your specific needs, contact us and we'll get it for you. (N.B. Some minimum quantities may apply)

For a better idea, go to our Publication section and download the Dynamic catalogue of your choice.

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  • Light and comfortable headgear to use without a safety helmet
  • Made in Noryl which is resistant to sparks and heat
  • Cross straps adjust at the back and top of the head for an exceptional fit
  • Full floating mount spark guard with double protective pad (frontal + rear) for better comfort 
  • Efficient, easy and quick ratchet fit

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